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Rain’s Story

I wanted to share this story with you in writing especially since I discuss it on my national radio program and social network all the time. My 18 year old cat, Rain, has been diagnosed with renal failure a few years back and her condition was worsening. She would sit around and stare at the blank walls, no longer follow me around the house, nor sleep in my bed at night, along with so many of her other usual daily functions, she just became complacent. That is until about 7 months ago when I added Neutricks for cats to her daily morning food. For the past several months she has come back to her good old self, following me around, sleeping in my bed, running through the house and tolerating the new addition 2 year old Winter. I’ve said this on air and I say it now that this is not just words from my lips Neutricks has changed Rain’s life and in turn has changed mine as well. I know it is the effects of Neutricks because nothing has changed in her life, food, medication but the addition of Neutricks. She has been with me for 18 years and has been there for me through many bad and good moments in my life and in her later years I am so grateful to give her more focus and spunk by putting her on Neutricks. Thanks Dave and Neutricks for making a product that truly works. ( Jon Patch, Int’l Host of Talkin’ Pets,


Kramer’s Story

Our family thanks Neutricks for giving spunk and life back to our 11-year-old dog Kramer! Before Neutricks he was wandering and would sleep all the time. He often would stand and have a look of confusion on his face. After Neutricks he’s like a puppy again! Playing with our 2 other dogs! He’s running around in the yard and playing ball again! Just has so much life again!

Our 15 year-old Border collie mix, Abbey, was incessantly pacing and acting confused. I am a veterinarian technician, and on the recommendation of one of our suppliers, I ordered a bottle of Neutricks – she now trots and “plays” around the yard again, which she hasn’t done in years! I am now whole-heartedly recommending it to clients who have old dogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My kitty, Tigger, is 16 years old and about 6 months ago I noticed some changes in his behavior. He would just “zone out” and stare off into space for 20-30 minutes at a time. He was still finding the litter box and food/water dishes ok, but I was concerned about him so I talked to my vet. She gave me Neutricks for Cats and we have been giving him one scoop each morning for about 30 days now.

After about 2 weeks, I noticed an improvement and as of today, he isn’t having those types of episodes anymore. I am very happy with the results and wish you great success with this product! Thanks so much!


I love Neutricks! I am a veterinarian, and my own dog, Wally, has worsened over the past year. About 4 months ago, his episodes of confusion, pacing, and destruction of my house were so bad.

I was recommended Neutricks by two other vets and decided to try it as a last resort. I was very skeptical. His behaviors improved dramatically. I have been recommending Neutricks to every vet that I can! And Wally is still happily by my side!

Sassy is a 15 year old domestic short haired cat, male, neutered. Sassy was howling and crying at night and distant from household members. The client gave Neutricks for cats and within weeks Sassy was more playful, resting at night and engaging with other household members more often. Thank you so much!
I wanted to follow up and thank you for giving my dog a new lease on life. “Hooch” my 13 1/2 year old pit bull started urinating in the house 3 weeks ago. I would open the door to let him out and he would relieve himself right there inside the house! I received my sample the following week and started it right away. The first 2 days were rough, he was not only still peeing but he had also stepped in his own poop. Day 3 came and he hasn’t had an accident since. I have been telling anyone that will listen to my amazing results. I am a true believer.

My 19 year old cat is doing GREAT now that she is on Neutricks for Cats. I am so happy my veterinarian recommended Neutricks!

She is playing with her string again and is no longer messing in the house. She is back to using her litter box. I can’t thank you enough.

I just wanted to say that this product is amazing! I put my 16 year old dog on Neutricks®. Now she runs around like a youngster again. Her mind is so clear and her eyes bright. It’s such a blessing…. so thank you.
Linda saw her 12-year-old Japanese Chin – (Meka), shed her lethargy and listlessness while on Neutricks. “She had gotten to where she was wandering without seeming to know where she was,” Bartlett says. “Now she’s participating in our lives again. It has really opened our eyes. There were a couple of days I wanted to take it myself.”

My wife has a 17 year old Chihuahua and he has been starting to show his age. For the past few years he has been wandering at night and would bark at me for no reason at all. He also would not sleep through the night, constantly up and down throughout the night. I just took it for granted that this is the way it would be through his senior years.

Yes I am a veterinary distributor and sell many senior wellness products. I have tried several with no improvement. However, Neutricks® was a product I was not familiar with and after doing some research on Neutricks® and looking into the human product I was very impressed with the research and reported results.

After giving Neutricks to “Buddy” for only 3 weeks, there was a major change in his demeanor. He was not barking at me and was sleeping through the night. His overall outlook seemed better. He does not seem to be as old as he once was.

After using Neutricks he is a new dog. His overall health seems so much better.


I adopted Meggie in 2001 and she is a great companion. Recently, we have noticed that she does not respond like her old self. She seems to look as though she is in a daze and does not always listen when we speak to her. She seems to get a little grumpy at times too. I decided to take her to the vet for a checkup even though everything else seemed normal. She has never had any health issues.

I talked to the vet about my concerns and he suggested I try Neutricks.

I did and there was a noticeable difference in her. She now had her old bounce in her step and acted like a puppy again, her lovable self. If I had not experienced it, I might not have believed it. It gave me back my old companion and I am extremely grateful. She gives me much happiness. I don’t often recommend many products, but this really made a huge difference for the both of us. I hope we have many more years ahead of us.


Last summer my now 11 year old Jack Russell, Biscuit, began looking and acting confused. He would go hide behind our sofa (never did this before), go out at night in our yard and get lost (I had to go out and bring him in) and often looked at me as though he was “out of it.”

I gave him Neutricks on the advice of our vet and saw improvement quickly. We are almost at the end of our 60 count bottle, and he has been his usual self for awhile now. I will continue buying this for him because it works really well.

I noticed that my aging friend, Tyler (who looks a little like the dog on the bottle), was wandering around and aimlessly staring off as if he had forgotten what he was doing. We began Neutricks about 1.5 months ago – he loves how it tastes and instead of wandering, now he goes right to his toy box, takes one out, and begins throwing it around!

My 13 year old tricolor rough collie, Merit, soon to be 14, was sleeping all day, and up pacing all night. She was walking in circles, getting stuck in corners and was getting very picky about eating.

She now sleeps through the night, is not pacing and the best part is she comes to me for affection (which she had not been doing) and is also interacting with the rest of my dogs and cats, which she had stopped doing.

Hard to believe the change.

Our Brittany Spaniel began to pace, stand in a corner and stare into it till we redirected him, restless at night. Our Vet put him on Neutricks, the first patient he had ever given it to, and it was amazing the changes. He now is spunky again, grabbing things we have in our hand when we walk by and playing with our other younger dog.
We placed a patient on Neutricks for the first time. After a few phone calls with your staff and researchers we felt comfortable trying the product. The client states his dog, Dixie is a new dog. She has stopped defecating in the house and is more playful than before.

My 12 1/2 yr old lady boxer is in good physical health but over the last 6 months or so, she has taken to less than delightful antics such as constant pacing, barking endlessly at the kitchen cabinets and treating my entire house as her giant toilet. We followed up with the vet after her pacing and midnight peeing had started to make a serious dent in the amount of time that she allowed us to sleep. Our vet recommended that we try Neutricks. I was a little skeptical but we were desperate. We started her on Neutricks and she was staying in bed until I got up for work.

We are so happy to have our old lady acting a little more like her old self. Thank you for helping give her back the quality of life and dignity every creature deserves in their old age!!

Lady Boxer

I have a precious Chihuahua named Hollybear who has been with me for 15 years.

On a nightly basis, my little girl started wandering, whining, getting turned around, being apathetic, stuck in corners and just generally acted like she had the results of a really good bender without any of the fun. It saddened me when it seemed that none of the usual things that would assist in the improvement of her declined cognitive function were helping.

The next time I visited the good doctor, he told me about Neutricks. I’m now in the second month of using it and I’m pretty impressed. I’ve noticed she is a little more feisty with the many kitties we have running around, is more interactive with our other dogs, and is showing some of her old habits, like burying her food and marking over other spots in the yard. Neutricks® seems to be making her life quite a bit comfortable, and I’m definitely planning on keeping her on it.

Thank you for giving us an option that makes her happier and healthier!

I started giving my St. Bernard, Dezi, Neutricks about 6 months ago. She is a rescue dog and we have always had problems with her letting us know she needed to go outside (to potty). After two months I noticed she hadn’t had an accident since starting to take Neutricks. We always kept her in a kennel when we left the house because of her “accidents” but now I am proud to say we got rid of the kennel and she hasn’t had a single accident in over 6 months. Neutricks has let us integrate Dezi more into our family and we love her even more now!
We have a 10 year old English Cocker named Sam that was a rescue dog from an elderly couple. Sam was rarely allowed to go outside and had very poor habits. When we got him home we realized that we would have to completely retrain him, no small feat at an old dog age of 8 1/2! Training was slow going until I started giving him Neutricks. Since giving him Neutricks everyday he seems to respond to commands quicker and no longer wonders out of our yard.
Chewbacca says: “I typically don’t care much for treats or food. My favorite snack are ice cubes, but when Stella gave me a Neutricks chewable, I went bonkers! I have never tasted something so delicious. She put the bottle away and I sat by the counter waiting for her to open it and give me more. Neutricks is by far my favorite treat in the world.”
Chester loves Neutricks! When he hears the drawer open where we keep it, he comes running.

Veterinarian Results

The most notable Neutricks success story was a client that brought in her 12-year-old hound mix (Sadie) with orthopedic problems that had been acting strange lately (staring into space, being distant and quiet, etc.) and the owner was trying to have a quality of life talk and thinking euthanasia. I don’t typically refuse when the owner thinks it’s time, but I did with Sadie. I recommended chiropractic, toe grips and Neutricks. That was approximately 6 months ago, and Sadie is trotting around like a new dog! Owner reports that her attitude has improved and she seems herself again. Since then I have been recommending Neutricks to every owner that has aging concerns about their pets. Thanks again!
Ranetta Perkins, DVM
My 15-year-old dog had lost interest in her favorite activities, and would no longer greet us at the door as usual. After ruling out any underlying illness that could explain her decreased energy level, I decided to try something new. A few weeks after beginning Neutricks, she is showing signs of improvement including a renewed interest in her walks, and once again meeting us with a bark and a giant wag of the tail when we come home. It is wonderful to see her quality of life improving.
Mary Manspeaker, DVM
Data from the double-blinded placebo testing “suggest that daily administration of apoaequorin has beneficial effects seen in improved learning and attention,” lead researcher Bill Milgram, Ph.D., reported in a November Quincy Animal Health news release. “All of the animals tested in the study were aged and showed some degree of mild cognitive impairment. Thus, one possible interpretation is that the supplement has the potential of helping with age-associated mild memory problems.”
Bill Milgram, Ph.D.
A 15 year old shepherd mix that presented with waking up in the night panting, and house soiling for no apparent reason. 14 days using Neutricks their pet is sleeping through the night, no more house soiling.
Oxford Veterinary Hospital
Kathy is on staff at the hospital and has a 13 1/2 year-old English Cocker. Kathy’s dog was not responsive, not sleeping at night, and stopped licking her when she was greeted which was her pet’s habit for many years. After a couple of weeks on Neutricks® the dog returned to its old self. Her dog is responsive, sleeping at night and greeting Kathy with big happy licks.
Kathy Good, The Dalles Veterinary Hospital
“I’m delighted as a practitioner that we now have one more product that has been shown to be effective.”
Gary Landsberg, BSc, DVM, Dipl. ACVB, MRCVS, ECVBM-CA
I recently started my dog on a bottle of your supplement and am thrilled! I have many owners that are super interested in trying the product.
Deanna Clark, DVM

My older Sheltie, Windsor has been using Neutricks® for 5 months. He had been showing signs of confusion and was acting older. He was already on a joint supplement and thyroid medication. I decided to try Neutricks® after reading the product information.

Windsor now has more energy, especially at meals. He still sleeps hard, but is less confused when he is awake and I feel I have gained back some time. The chewable tablet makes it easy.

I also have my parents’ dog on Neutricks® and it is helping her.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to a client.

Barbara A. Rush, DVM
We placed a patient on Neutricks® for the first time. After a few phone calls with your staff and researchers we felt comfortable trying the product. The client states his dog is a new dog. She has stopped defecating in the house, and is more playful than before.
Amy Hilburn, DVM

Try Neutricks today. Your pet will thank you.

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